Bangladesh's water issue

There's not enough land or clean water for the growing population of Bangladesh's capital, Dhaka. It is one of the fast growing cities on the planet where - in many instances - growth is put before environmental and humanitarian needs.


Morten and Frede are brothers. they live together and have done so since they were born in their home on the island Birkholm.

Frede got married a few years ago - to Margit. Now the island has three inhabitants. Morten, Frede and Margit.

Motel Mom

Living in New York States poorest counties isn't easy. Especially without a job or a proper home. Vanessa, Jamaica and Kathrine hang out while the kids play. all of them trying to make the best of what they have.

Families under pressure

When the Danish government decided to cut most of the funding for families with disabled children, it resulted in additional stress in a life that already has plenty of challenges.This is a short story about two affected families.